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Vonda Evans is a retired judge, attorney, single mother, and has been divorced. She has been
featured on TV, social media, and radio. Her posts, on social media regarding
relationship advice, recovering from a breakup and more, have received over 20 million Views!


As a life coach, her goal is to provide you with a confidential and personal forum
for you to discuss your present fears, relationships and problems and provide strategies
and techniques to regulate your present emotions and behaviors to attain your goal of
becoming a better person. Her professional and personal challenges helped her to develop a need to become whole and healed by setting personal and professional boundaries in her life.

Her philosophy is simple “when you take control of your mind you can change your life.” In these sessions you have an opportunity to discuss your unique and specific issues, about dating, love, relationship issues and more. She will offer real life techniques and strategies that may help you to do the following:

 Dating after 40
 Dealing with a divorce
 Relationship problems
 Professional workplace issues
 Setting personal and professional boundaries
 Overcoming grief
 And more

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